Place Your Case

We all get them, those non-vanilla cases that always just seem to come up short.

Too late though for you as a broker because you are already emotionally attached.

You want to help the client, you want to find them a solution but you can only sit on hold for so long.

Place Your Case is a function unique to #YourClub. It allows you to list the main details of the case (the good and the bad!) and why you think the application has merit.

This detailed synopsis is then emailed to our lender partners immediately who will have a dedicated resource to deal with these enquiries. If the lender feels that they may be able to help your client then they will contact you directly to discuss it further.

The Place Your Case function should not be the default position of your advice process but it can become an essential additional tool in helping you find a lending solution for those all too tricky client situations.